What is The Culture?

  1. The Gamer — someone who is looking to have fun and earn at the same time (e.g., by winning prize money in games they’re good at);
  2. The Manager — someone who owns or has access to a few metaverse assets that act as “tickets to ride” for gamers under their management;
  3. The Guild Member — Gamers and Managers who choose to work together to pool their buying power, coordinate and scale their activities, and spread their risks;
  4. The Investor — Someone who is ready to put real money in metaverse assets, more so than their time or energy, in return for yield and capital growth.

The Culture and CLTR Token.

  1. Ownership of The Culture token ($CLTR), which is an Index of successful play-to-earn projects providing diversified exposure;
  2. Staking of the $CTLR token, with different reward strategies available;
  3. The platform is a social lift for gamers. It allows them to stake earned tokens, thus becoming investors;
  4. Build-your-guild tools to create guilds and manage assets.
  5. Launcher — users get access to the tokens of early-stage gaming projects.

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